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"Direct From My Rep" Intel Updates - February 2021

February 9, 2021

Subj: Facebook Product and Business Update  

Actions to Take for Ads Ecosystem Changes

As the ads ecosystem evolves with changes to mobile operating systems and web browsers, we want to help you navigate these upcoming shifts. We created a guide designed to help you adapt your advertising strategies.

How Machine Learning Powers Facebook’s News Feed Ranking Algorithm

We shared new details about how our ranking system works and the challenges of building a system to personalize the content for more than 2 billion people and show each of them content that is relevant and meaningful for them, every time they come to Facebook.

The Digital Detail: How Conversions API Gets You Closer to Your Customers

Privacy legislation and browser policies around cookies are changing, and as a result, your business may have more difficulty tracking events on your website via pixel. To help businesses get ahead of these changes, we’re introducing a Conversions API which allows you to share data directly from your server with Ads Manager.

Introducing Professional Dashboard

We’re launching Professional Dashboard, a central destination to track performance, access and discover professional tools, and explore educational information curated by Instagram. This dashboard is meant to helping creators turn their passions into a living and supporting small businesses with the tools they need to connect with customers.

Introducing Instagram Content Publishing API

We’re implementing a new feature on the Instagram Graph API Platform to make it easier for businesses to publish content. With this feature, Instagram Business accounts can schedule and publish posts to their Instagram Feeds from third-party platforms.

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February 9, 2021 Video Breakdown

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February 2, 2021

Subj: Facebook Product and Business Update

Speaking Up for Small Businesses

Facebook is speaking up for small businesses. We believe Apple’s new iOS 14 policy changes will directly affect small businesses’ ability to use their advertising budgets efficiently and effectively, which will have a harmful impact on many who are struggling to stay afloat and on the free internet that we all rely on more than ever. We are sharing an overview of what Apple is doing and where we stand.

Making Standout Video Content For Creative Ads

Videos are a proven way to increase engagement. We have three new educational courses for you to learn how to take your content to the next level. Learn how to make exciting and engaging ads using unique in-app features on Facebook and Instagram.

How to Tackle 4 Key Marketing Challenges in 2021

Through much of 2020, advertisers have had to react to rapidly shifting behaviors and pivot from long-held strategies, including how they reached their audiences—or whether it was the right time to do so at all. We looked across the past year and beyond to collect the right guidance and resources to help you conquer these roadblocks.

Shop on WhatsApp with Carts

We are making shopping via chat even easier. With carts, people can browse a catalog, select multiple products and send the order as one message to the business. 

This will make it simpler for businesses to keep track of order inquiries, manage requests from customers and close sales.

Instagram Tools for Transparent Partnerships

Creators provide incredible opportunities to highlight brands and break through the clutter. Having transparency that those partnerships involve payment, gifts, or product discounts builds trust between creators, consumers, and brands, resulting in increased consideration. Learn how to use our tools to make disclosure of those partnerships safe, secure, and simple.

The Future of Mobile Ads: 2021 Trends & Recommendations

Among the challenges of 2020 and the mobile advertising ecosystem shifts expected in 2021, many app publishers see signs of hope. In mobile games especially, there’s high player engagement, industry growth and an ongoing flow of monetization innovation. 

We're providing a look at 2020 mobile ad spend, 2021 forecasts, and Facebook Audience Network recommendations for app publishers and developers in the year ahead.

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February 2, 2021 Video Breakdown

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LIVE INSIDERS Webinar Signup - February 2021

LIVE INSIDERS Webinar REPLAY - February 2021

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