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SILO Funnel Method Course

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Video 01: "The Old Way" (Customer Ascension Model)

  • While the "Customer Ascension Model" (a.k.a. the Old Way) still works, we have discovered our new "SILO Funnel Method" to be vastly superior.
  • With the customer ascension model you need to get a LOT of traffic in at the top of your funnel at a low ticket offer in order to make the numbers work down at the bottom.
  • One of the ways we have generated a lot of front end sales is through "product launches" but they require a ton of work, planning, and many JV's (affiliates) on board to pull off a successful launch.
  • Even with a successful launch you still have to create several new funnels, email sequences, and offers/content/training/lead magnets to make it work, all which add to the complexity, confusion, and frustration.
  • Again, although it can still be done, the customer nurturing process can be long leading to attrition.
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Matt (00:01):

Okay. So video one, let's talk about the customer Ascension model, the old way in a way that still works, but absolutely requires a lot more complexity, a lot more moving parts and a series of different funnels in customer acquisition strategy altogether. So with the typical sales phone, you have the top of the funnel, which is where you drive all of your traffic, right? Whatever it's from YouTube ads, Facebook ads, content on your blog, whatever the case may be. You want to drive all of your traffic to this top level, through whatever means. And you're going to typically start offering your traffic, your followers, your customers, prospects. It is, uh, products in the range of, let's say 37, maybe all the way up to even one 97, right? You can typically convert one 97, uh, given enough value and with cold traffic even. So in order to make this work, you're going to get, you're going to need a lot of people.

Matt (01:08):

Okay? You're going to need a ton of people. Some of these are happy. Some of them not so happy anyways, you need to get a lot of people in here. And one of the ways to do that is with a product launch. You know, I've done multiple six figure product launches in the past. They are a ton of work and require anywhere from three to six months of planning. You need to get a lot of JVs on board and that's great. And you need to figure out not only what is your upset, your front end offer, right to this product launch product launch.

Matt (01:44):

Okay. What is the front end? This is low ticket. Okay. We're going to start with this product here. And then after they buy where they leave. Okay. After they buy, they're going to be met with an upsell number one. Okay. And if they take that grade, they go to upsell number two and so on and so forth. Now, if they don't buy this, there'll be probably sent down, sell number one. If they buy, maybe they go to upsell number two. And if they don't buy, maybe they go just to a thank you page or maybe even to another down. So, okay. You got to figure out all these products here just to try to monetize the traffic coming in the door. Because typically if you're going to pay affiliates, you want to give them a lot of commission. Otherwise it's not really worth their effort to mail their list.

Matt (02:29):

Send a lot of traffic, put a lot of effort into it to get a lot of people in your funnel to only make 50% every $37 offer. You know, a lot of times you might offer, you know, more than 30, 50% here, or you have a high converting upsell offer that compliments the original offer very well. And so this is just one way to get a lot of customers in the front door. And we've done these where you can, we've done 2,500 customers, right? 2,500 customers in this front end at a 37 or $47 price ticket. And then some of those customers will end up taking your Upserve down. So that's not necessarily a customer Ascension model. That's just one sales funnel and a product launch. So these same 2,500 customers, whether they buy any of the upsells or not are still in the same category.

Matt (03:18):

They're top of funnel. Okay. Now, in order to get them down here to this, you know, one 97, plus maybe up to as much as four 97 or whatever the case may be, you've got to make them a new offer. So now that they're on your list right over here, you're going to send them an email and you're gonna make them an offer for this, okay? Under these 2,500 people, depending on when you make this offer and how successful you do it, you know, maybe you get 20% of those. So 500 people onto this list here. And what you're really trying to do is what you want to get is this, this offer down here at the bottom of the phone, do you want to charge her your $5,000 right offer here for your mastermind or for your live event or for some coaching or consulting or whatever the case may be and in between here.

Matt (04:07):

So the 500 might be there and then you make them another offer here that maybe is one K K, maybe you do a, a group coaching, or you have some kind of a done for you offer or whatever the case may be here. You, maybe you get 10% of those. So you only have 50 people in this third, uh, product, uh, level. And then out of those, perhaps you get another 10%. And so you get five people down here. So in order to even get five people down here, you have to spend all of your time acquiring people up here at this top of the funnel in order to make these numbers work. Okay? Now all of this doesn't just happen organically. You're not just going to get 2,500 people in the top of your funnel. And all of a sudden, they're going to say, Oh, I want more of that.

Matt (04:50):

I want to, I want to buy all of your stuff. What is it? What's the next thing. What's the next thing. What's the next thing they have to consume the original product so that they know that you can provide value to them in some way, shape or form. Okay. And now that's going to take some time and your, your primary focus with these people here is consumption. Okay? You want them to consume the product? And the problem is with some of these low ticket products, they're very low perceived value. And so the consumption rate, the number of people that actually buy and, and go through all of your stuff and say, wow, that's incredible. It's a very, very low number. And some in cases as low as 3% of the people that actually buy, actually go through it and consume your content. And thank you, Brian.

Matt (05:36):

You know, a lot of people will go through some of it. Okay? I think a large majority of it will go through some of it. Okay. Cause there's one thing or two things or three things, a couple things that triggered them to buy it in the first place. So that's your first hurdle is getting these people in the door and then getting them to consume it so that they get value so that you seem you're valuable. And so that you can get them to upgrade when you make them another offer, they see it and they're already warmed up. They're more likely to buy because they consume your original content. Okay? But you're going to have to make them a whole nother offer. That's going to require a whole nother funnel, a whole nother product and whole lot of time, because you have to nurture, okay, that's part of the customer Ascension models.

Matt (06:18):

You have to nurture these customers that you, that you, that spent their money with you in order to get them to come down your funnel, which when they come down your funnel, they're going to spend more money, of course, right. More money. But at the same time, what you do is you give them more access, okay. As they come down your phone, the price goes up, but so does the access to you, okay. This is super important because you cannot offer too much of your time for too little, because you'll find that it's a finite resource and you cannot, you will run out, right. You only have so much time in a day. And so you have to be super careful about that offer in any kind of time. So when it comes to courses, video training, any kind of boot camp workshop, be careful about giving them too much of your time because down here and your $5,000 offer or more, this is direct access that they're coming to a live workshop.

Matt (07:12):

They're getting to spend one on one time with you or, or in a small group setting. Okay. You're giving them more access to you, but why would they want more access to you? Right. Because you've already provided value to them. Okay. So I've done this. It requires a lot of time and can take several years to perfect. Okay. Digital marketer teaches this, you know, it's, it's a wonderful system. It allowed me to learn quite a bit about internet marketing, you know, customer acquisition, creating products and funnels and email sequences and all that good stuff. Cause I did it over and over and over and over and over again. But then when it's time to start over and build a whole new funnel, you know, we learned from some, some what other guys are doing any industry, um, that they had flipped this model on their head and they started doing something completely different. Okay. And I'm going to take credit for this, this method. Um, the original idea came from Joel airway and, um, he calls it something completely different, but I thought it was absolutely brilliant. So we deep dove into everything that he was doing and realized that there's a vastly superior business model. I'm going to share with you that in the next video.


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