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SILO Funnel Method Course

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Video 04: SILO Funnel Offers

  • Your top of funnel offer in your SILO funnel should be at LEAST $5k or more.  One of the best types of offers you can make at this level is a "Done-For-You" offer.  We already have a course where we teach people how to create a high-converting webinar.  We give them all the pieces, templates, and information they need but with this offer, we save them a ton of time and hassle by just getting it done for them, right, the first time.
  • Let's jump down to the bottom of your SILO funnel offers, which is typically going to be a video training course priced between $497 to $997.  This should be your in-depth training covering a topic for which you could also build/do these things FOR a client if they were to pay you.
  • Your Middle of Funnel Offer can be a hybrid between a "done-for-you" and your training course.  With this offer, you give your customer your course PLUS one-month of coaching/consulting to help them implement your course and training.  For this price point, it only makes sense to set the price to someone between your bottom and top price.  Ours is typically around $4k.
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Matt (00:01):

Alright, let's talk about your offers. Again, this is an upside down funnel. Essentially. What we're going to do is we're going to start with our highest ticket offer. Okay. This is typically our first offer is going to be a done for you or anything that you can create. That's going to be at least 5k and up. Okay. This was, this is what makes this whole thing work. Okay. This is the way this is your, your top of your funnel. This is the way that you bring people in. Okay. Uh, typically that's going to be just your silo. Yeah. Okay. And then you warm them up here, a little bit of a video, and then you get them to apply and get them on the phone. Um, this is what you start with. He talk about all that you're done for you. Mmm. This is just one example.

Matt (00:56):

It doesn't necessarily have to be a done for you. Okay. Uh, I, I would say though, that it's going to be off the difficult to just sell a mastermind at this point, because a mastermind is, you're asking people to join you because you present in a tremendous amount of value. Okay. The value should not be completely you, this done for you works for us with the webinar architect, because it's the webinar that's valuable. And they believe because of our experience and our proof and our results that we've had with our own webinars, that we can build this for them. Right? And so this for us starts at $7,500 and up because it's very time consuming. Although we have all the pieces right for this, we have a lot of templates and we systematize it to a point where we can produce it probably faster than, than most people in the world can do it.

Matt (01:50):

Uh, but certainly faster than the person on the other end of that call. And so we deliver this usually within a week or two. Um, and this is the highest ticket offer that we have for them at the point. Okay. Now we might eventually do some type of a live in person mastermind, some kind of retreat, somewhere in an exotic location. We'll, you know, offering an a 10,000 or 15 or 25, whatever. That's not the point. This is about, um, selling the offer, the type of offer that you can sell on the phone. So figure out what that most expensive offer is going to be, that you can get away with typically between 5,000 and then maybe as much as 15,000, depending on your actual niche. But most likely I would stick, I would say to probably stick around 10,000, um, in less. So five to 10 seems like a really good sweet spot for this to work.

Matt (02:43):

So we offer our done for you. We do all of it. All we need to do is get on a call with them, learn about their offer, learn about what it is that they want, what they're doing. And then we build all the pieces and hand it back to them. Okay, it's simple. They don't have to do anything. This is, this is saving them time. Okay. The biggest thing that they're saving here, even though they're spending money, okay, they're spending a little bit of money. They're getting their time. Okay? Because time is more valuable than money. Okay. And successful people know this right? Successful. People are always willing to spend their time. I'm sorry. Spend their money to save time. Poor people. On the other hand or poor minded, people are always willing to spend their time or waste their time to save a little bit of money, right?

Matt (03:30):

It never ceases to amaze me that somebody will buy something off of Craigslist, drive two hours away so that they could save, you know, a hundred bucks on something. Right. It's insane to me, that's a lot of time. Okay. I get it when you were all in different places and financially throughout her life, but this is the type of people you looking for, people that want, they know what they want because they saw your silo ad they know exactly what it is and they're willing to pay this money. Okay. Now, if this still just is not within their price range, we're going to drop down to our first down sell. And the next thing we're gonna do is let's skip over that for a second. The very bottom one is our course, okay, this is the lowest ticket offer. We already have a course that teaches everything you needed to know about how we build high converting webinars.

Matt (04:18):

Okay? So for you, this could be, you know, how to anything, YouTube ads, um, uh, personal training, they literally could be anything that you're into. And you have a course on it. If you go on you to me, obviously there's a thousand different courses on there covering all kinds of subjects. This is your bottom of the barrel type of thing. But typically you'll see a lot of those courses on there. They sign up for, you know, the discount program where they, they allow you to me or whatever the platform is to sell your course at like $17 or a dramatic discount. They also put a price limit on what you can actually sell it for. And so this puts, you puts all the control in your hand. You want to sell this for anywhere between four 97 and nine 97. Whereas if you were putting it on you to me or on your own website, you might sell it for a lot less.

Matt (05:07):

Okay. But because they've already been exposed to this top level, offer this price point down here is going to look a lot less in comparison. Okay? So you know that this is the absolute lowest thing that you want to sell them. If they're on the phone with you, they better at least walk away with this. Okay. Or you haven't done a good enough job, qualifying them up here. Okay. If you find that you still can't get people to buy this down here, then you need to improve this part of your process to get better quality people coming in and you need to improve your silo head. You need to improve the screening process, your application process, to get to the, to the root of a, you know, what it is that, uh, you know, that people are really looking for so that you're not wasting your time.

Matt (05:51):

Okay. So we're not getting off the call, uh, unless we get this down here at least. Okay. And I don't mean to say that in a, in a aggressive salesy type, like, you know, we're just not going to let it happen. Find it happens though, big deal, but that's the mentality. Like we have to make this work because we need to take this money and we need to pay all of our bills and we need to run ads with it. Okay. This is, you know, at least breaking, even down here at the very least, and obviously at four 97, nine 97, it's going to put money in our pockets. So it is, but it's going to pay our team. And you know, this is basically your singles. This is your funded proposal, right. This is the way that you fund selling this here. Okay. And so if they can't afford the 75 or the higher ticket offer, what you're going to make next, what makes absolute sense for us is a hybrid of the two.

Matt (06:38):

Okay. You have your high ticket, you have your low ticket. This should be a combination of the two, right? It should be a, an ant. Okay. You're going to get a little bit of this, a little bit that. So for this, if they don't have the 7,500, we do a done for you for 4,000. Okay. We will give you this course. Plus you get one month of coaching or consulting, whatever you want to call it, um, for us to help you put all the pieces together, but we only give you a month because we want you to consume. Remember I said, in the very first video, it's all about consumption. You have to go through this. We put a time limit on it because this is going to cause you to take action. We want you to go through this and chances are you go through all of this and you realize, look, I still, I don't have the time for all this.

Matt (07:31):

I understand. It's awesome. If I do, it'd be great. Um, sometimes you'll get these people that have bought this. Um, and I recommend selling it for 97. If there's a, uh, if it's unlikely that they're going to upgrade. Okay, if it's, unless I'm sorry. If it's unlikely that you're going to upgrade, then I would maximize this up here. I mean, there's two schools of thought here. This is obviously going to get you more people. How much of your conversions are going to suffer? Because you're doubling the price. I don't know, but the good thing is once they pay nine 97, they're that much more committed. They're already a thousand dollars into this. Now you can make them a, another offer later and say, look, you already paid a thousand bucks. All right. That's 6,500. What if I knock it down to six? Okay. Just another six.

Matt (08:12):

And we can get you in here and we'll do it for you. Okay. So you have to consider that when you're doing the pricing here, but the bottom line is it gives you an opportunity to upsell them. Once they've already ended the single funnel. And this is one single simple funnel. Okay? So we're going to sell this 4,000. You get the course and you also get one month of consulting. You still have to do the work. Okay. It's your responsibility to go through this and figure it all out. But if you have questions, you're not sure you want to run by your, your offer to us. You want to, um, you know, work on pricing and strategy and Collin client acquisition. This is what, the one that the coaching for. And so this is a highly, um, valuable offer. Okay. So, and you're going to save quite a bit of money here, uh, maybe about 40%, uh, just by taking this offer and doing all the work yourself. So this is a very excellent offer. This is how you structure your silo funnel offers, uh, the highest at the top, then the middle, and then your course at the bottom.


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