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SILO Funnel Method Course

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Video 03: SILO Funnel Pieces

  • For your SILO funnel to work you're going to need several key pieces, but not to worry as it's WAY less complicated than the old model.
  • You'll need your Offers (usually at least 3), a way for your prospects to Apply, your Pages, a process/system for your Product Delivery, your SILO Ad, Traffic before moving on to Phase II.
  • For your Offers, you'll start with your highest one, typically around $5k or more (ours is around $7500 and up), then your middle tier product, which can be a hybrid of your high ticket + your low ticket (course), and of course your low ticket, typically a course that you can sell between $497 and $997 or more.
  • For your Pages you'll need a Landing Page, Application Page, Book a Call page, a Confirmation Page, and a Checkout page for your course.
  • You'll need to consider your Product Delivery if you don't already have a course that you'll use.  Some things to keep in mind are a way for the customer to checkout, a secure member's area, a learning management system (LMS), and an affiliate program that you'll use in Phase II.
  • Next you'll need to construct your SILO ad and then use it to get Traffic.
  • Phase II will consist of creating a webinar offer which you'll then use in an evergreen funnel to sell both your course and high ticket (application) simultaneously, and creating one lead magnet to retarget prospects and generate leads.
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Matt (00:00):

Okay, let's talk about the pieces that you're going to need to make this happen. Oops, go back to our drill tools, tools paces, first and foremost, obviously we're going to need our offers. We need to know what are the offers. Okay. I'm just going to cover all of the pieces right now. I'm not going to go into each in the subsequent videos. We'll go through each one of these and talk more in detail. Okay. So these are the pieces that you're going to need to fulfill this entire, uh, simple inline offer funnel. Okay. You need a way for people to apply. Okay. So some type of application or a form we'll get into that. You need, obviously your pages, you're going to need, you know, a funnel, a single funnel to go, uh, put this together. You need your autoresponder or CRM, whichever you call it like active campaign, drip, whatever the case may be going to need a way to deliver, like handwriting's terrible product delivery case.

Matt (01:08):

So if you have a course and you already have a course and you already have a way to deliver that course fantastic. Right. But if you don't, you're going to need a members area. You're going to need a way to secure that content. And you're going to, you're going to need a way to, you know, allow people to actually sign up with you. Um, when we do the done for you webinar architect offer, we allow that what we do send them a PayPal invoice or have them wire the money, which whichever's easiest. Typically the PayPal invoice is the easiest. Uh, but that's one of two ways. And then, uh, same thing with the done with you. And then if it's just a, the course, we send them the link to the checkout page. There's no sales page. That's another thing we don't need. And what's great about this silo method is we don't need a sales page to go with this product.

Matt (01:55):

We don't even put this product on our, on our website for sale. This helps it, uh, the exclusivity of it. We only sell it through webinars. That's another thing that we'll cover later in the course. Okay. So your product delivery is something you've got to consider, and then you need a way to allow your prospects to schedule a time with you. Good Lord. Just screw this all up schedule. So I know there's several different ways that you can do this. There's a Calendly. Uh, just what I use is a couple of different, um, scheduling tools that you can use, uh, to make this happen. Um, you want to consider all the moving parts and how to make this all work together. Uh, for us, it's just on our confirmation page, we embed a scheduling, uh, the scheduling widget from, um, Calendly works just fine. And, um, everyone's happy. So we don't, we use the free version, so it doesn't even require a paid version. So it doesn't, there's a lot of stuff that you can do with the paid one, uh, that we have not gotten into. Uh, but if you already have a way to schedule, um, you can certainly do that. And we'll get into that in the next, in the next couple of videos as well. Okay. And then you're going to need your silo ad.

Matt (03:14):

Okay. This is the, how you draw people in. It's very simple. Uh, Joel Erway calls us a power ad. Um, for us, it's obviously just a silo siloed. It's a very powerful way to just call out and identify your exact target audience. And I'm gonna show you examples of this when we get to them, um, so that they know exactly what they're getting. And so you're only getting people that aren't necessarily just kicking tires that are already very interested because you made your copy in your ad very, to the point. And there's no beating around the Bush. They know what it is. They know it's going to be expensive. They know who it's for, and they know what they're going to get and when they're going to get it, it's real simple. Okay. So these are basically the components. This is it, right? It doesn't require a lot of moving parts. So these are the things that you're going to need to consider. When you start building out your silo funnel.


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