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SILO Funnel Method Course

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Video 02: The SILO Funnel Method

  • The SILO Funnel Method flips the Customer Ascension Model on its head and allows you to specifically target and call out your most ideal prospect and offer your highest offer first.
  • The term "SILO" is an acronym that stands for "Simple In-Line Offer" Funnel.
  • With the SILO you utilize a simple, yet powerful "SILO Ad" to target your ideal prospect, let them know what your offer is (briefly), what they'll get, when they'll get it, and the fact is isn't cheap but you guarantee results.
  • You'll use an application process to get only qualified leads so you're not wasting your time on the phone with "tire-kickers."
  • Once your prospect submits their app, they'll book a time to talk with you.  During your initial consultation, you first pitch your highest ticket offer, often a "done-for-you" offer, followed by a middle offer (e.g. a "done-WITH-you" offer), and finally your lowest priced offer - your training course.
  • Having all 3 offers (or more) and presenting them via a single application funnel followed by a phone call is what makes the SILO Funnel Method so powerful!
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Matt (00:00):

All right, let's talk about the silo Funnel method. Now silo stands for it's an acronym drawing tools, simple inline offer funnel. Okay. So instead of having to follow them down through all these different, you know, a series of funnels and different sequences and all, all the complexity, I just talked about previous, what we do is flip it instead of starting with the low ticket, we're going to start with our very high ticket. Okay. And so with my webinar architect offer, what I do is I build high converting webinars for business owners. It's really simple. I've done many of them. I've done a hundred different webinars of the last nine years. It doesn't sound like a lot, but I don't particularly like to do webinars. Um, and even as far back as 2012 or 13, when I first started, wasn't very good at them. And yet we still found a way to make money.

Matt (01:04):

Um, so I learned about the power of, of high-converting webinars. And so instead of just selling a course, which we've done numerous times just selling the information I decided to start with it's, um, typically $7,500 and up. Okay. For a done for you offer. Okay. That's just, this is our customer acquisition. This is where we bring people in. Okay. We through a application process or for some type of very simple, and that leads to a little bit of information and either a call to action. It says, send us a message through our fan page or apply now. Okay. So the very first offer that we offer them once we get on the phone is look, we'll build all the pieces for you. Okay. I'll build your webinar, I'll build your funnel for your webinars. So that, that includes your landing page, your confirmation page, your signup page that you'll give out during the webinar and then your replay page, and then an unexpired page.

Matt (02:07):

If you want to use one, I always do think it's a good idea to keep 'em keep your word and have a, your replay page expire and redirect to a expired page. Okay. So then I do the PowerPoint itself. I write the entire C uh, the entire presentation. Um, I write all the email sequences that are involved. I do basically all of it. Me and my team build this entire done for you webinar. And then when, when it's done, when we hand it back to you, you can run it. And we guarantee it pays for itself typically in the first try. Okay. Cause you're going to be selling a product that's at least four 97 or up a typically between four 97 and nine 97, depending on what your backend looks like. So this is what we start with. We get on the phone and we drive traffic to this.

Matt (02:51):

Okay. And so there's obviously we warm people up. We get them on the phone. We, um, evaluate their needs. And if it's even a fit for them, if it is right, this is the offer that we make. So sometimes, obviously that's a high price point for some people it's just not going to work. What we'll do is say, okay, we have a course, um, it's down here, it's our lower ticket item. And we sell it for either four 97 or nine 97. Tell you what we have a done with you offer, okay, that's right here done with you. And that's, you know, either like 4,000, okay. Somewhere in that range, this is done with you. Basically. You get our course plus one month of coaching. Okay. And so what that is, you learn all the stuff that we teach right here in our course, you have to go through the course and you have to build all the pieces.

Matt (03:57):

I give you all the templates. I give you everything that you need to build your webinar, but you have to do the work and you get to ask me questions for the entire month. Okay. It's a much cheaper option, but you have to do the work. Okay. And so this is our first down sell. Now, if they say that's even, that's still too much, okay. Maybe they're not at a point in their business where they're ready to take it to the next level. Look, go get the course. It's it's, you know, it tells you everything you need to know. You're not going to have me to reach out to, to, you know, to hold you by the hand and tell you how to do everything. But you know what, it's the, it's the most cost effective offer that we have. And this is a very, very high converting offer right here.

Matt (04:37):

If we have them on the phone and they're highly interested in a webinar, but just can't afford this at this point, okay. A four 97 or nine 97, whichever you want to sell it for offer is going to look a lot less, um, or a lot more affordable when you start with $7,500 and up right now, if we just drove cold traffic to a sales page and said everything we needed to say gave them every single bit of information they needed in every different type of media. You know, whether that's a VSL sales, copy, graphics, bullet points, however, they need the information presented to them and then drop the price at four 97, nine 97. We're probably going to get a three to five, uh, oops, I'm doing this wrong. What I meant to say is three to 5% percent conversion rate. It's not going to convert very well.

Matt (05:30):

Okay? So we need to drive a lot of traffic here in order to get this to convert. And then we would be going the opposite way with this way. We can spend all of our money and all of our time focusing on these clients right here and down here, this is just, you know, like a constellation for us. We still get to provide value to that client. They get to learn from us and you know what? They might come back and say, look, I just don't have the time to do it. I understand what you guys are doing. That's fantastic. Why don't you just go ahead and build it for me. And typically we'll credit them that four 97, right? Or nine 97, whichever the courses. And so it's a beautiful way to just simplify everything. That's why we call it simple and it's in line, right? We just go right on the phone. One sales funnel, one sales process, one call. We sell all three of our products at one time. That's the method. That's the power of it. Okay. And in the next video, we're going to talk about all the pieces that you need to make this bad boy work.


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