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SILO Funnel Method Course

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Video 09: SILO Traffic

  • Now that you have your SILO Ad copy, it's time to create some paid ads.
  • For this, we will either combine the ad copy with a video - on-screen, walk-and-talk, etc. - or a compelling visually appealing custom ad graphic.
  • Have your CTA either go to your SILO Funnel LP OR simply instruct people to send your fan page a message.  You don't need to worry about Messenger Bots or automating this part (for now).  This is where you get to have a conversation which is what we're really after anyway.
  • Another possibility is to use your existing social media accounts to post your SILO ad and ask interested parties to simply send you a PM/DM.  This may or may not be feasible depending on your niche and following, but it has proven to be very effective for us and our Webinar Architect SILO Ad/Offer.
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              Matt (00:00):

              Okay. In the previous video, we talked about, uh, the, the, the silo ad itself. Now let's talk about traffic. Okay. How are we going to take this particular ad and drag traffic to it? So the easiest way, uh, obviously is Facebook ads. Another way is going to be YouTube ads. Um, another, one's going to be just content out there. Blog posts, Instagram, you know, anywhere where you're actively, um, you know, posting or engaging. So let me just share with you a couple of ways that we've done this. Okay. So here is just one example of our ad. Um, that is all texts. It's got a little bit of the emojicons in here and make it a little more visually appealing and it's with an image. Okay. Just the really great pop, uh, image that pops out. Okay. It's contrasting colors and it just, you know, kind of explains exactly that it's a little bit of a variation on the one that I just showed you, but it's essentially the same thing.

              Matt (00:58):

              And the call to action here is to go to the app. Okay. So they go start their app. That's one of the ads. Another one is that I like to, uh, do is, you know, walk and talk video. And I like these because they're really engaging. And when you're scrolling your newsfeed and you, uh, this video audio autoplays and I'm just walking through the park, right. Okay. It's the same, same skill, same ad, copy a, this time with the video. And this one goes to, uh, again, just the application start. So here's another one that I'm looking at life that I just had just a preview in your desktop. Um, same sales copy. And this time the video autoplays, it's just another video of me just sitting in front of the camera in front of my whiteboard. Um, and you'll notice here this as messenger.

              Matt (01:49):

              So when they click on, learn more, instead of going to the page, we actually have them sending us a message. Okay. Here's another way that I have successfully done this, and it's probably not going to work for everyone, but this is because I have a high number of entrepreneurs following me. And, uh, and that I'm friends with. So if you have close to 5,000 friends, and so as a test, I'd put this, um, basically a very similar variation to what I just shared with you as a, my silo ed, as a blog, as a post on my timeline. Okay. And this is just a personal profile and I did the exact same thing, just an image of myself, right. Because I made it about teaching you how to fish. Right. And so this kind of a made sense, and yeah, that's a pretty dope fish.

              Matt (02:37):

              It's a lot bigger and it even looks there. But, uh, anyhow, you could see the number of engagements and comments I got, I got six high quality leads, uh, just from this one post. And I could probably do this maybe once a month, maybe once a quarter. I don't know, but it's 100% free and organic traffic. Of course, if you're a personal coach or a, you know, help the wellness coach or spiritual coach or business coach, you know, and you already have a following of people on your social media profiles, you might be able to do this too. So it's just an idea for you to try out and see if you can pull the same kind of interest. If you have enough people following you. And, um, uh, obviously it's going to be highly effective and we don't have to send them to traffic.

              Matt (03:27):

              Okay. So you could literally start doing this without even building your silo funnel. Okay. Make sure you heard that last sentence. You can actually start doing this with just your, your silo ad. Okay. Get your salad out together and have them send you a message. You'll notice in here. I don't have a link if you're interested, leave me a comment. Okay. I could've said if you're interested, um, send me a message, but I wanted them to leave me a comment. Cause I wanted other people to see the engagement and the response. So all I did was I sent a private message or I told people, Hey, I'll reach out to you. Right. I'll send you a message in messenger. And um, so from that, I mean, I think I made like 10 grand that exact day. Just boom, just like that. Just from that post. I mean collected in the bank account 10 grand, just like that. Okay. So it's incredibly powerful when you have a following that you're already building to put an ad out like this with no link. And that's another thing about Facebook. They like images. They don't like links. You tend to get more, um, engagement this way. At least that's what I found. Okay. So there you go. Those are the different ways that we run traffic to our power head and our silo ads, um, to go to Either our application or messenger, or even just to leave a comment.

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