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SILO Funnel Method Course

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Video 08: Your SILO Ad

  • Your SILO ad should specifically call out your target audience and start by asking a few questions regarding if they'd be interested in the biggest benefits of your offers.
  • You should briefly describe what it is your offering, what they'll get, and when they'll get it.
  • Then qualify yourself by addressing what you've done/accomplished (results) of why you're the one in position to help guide them to do the same.
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to let the know in the ad "it's not cheap" so that you don't waste your time with tire-kickers, but also that it's guaranteed and you'll "buy it back from them" if it doesn't pay for itself (or whatever guarantee you want to make) within 30 days (or whatever time period you want to offer).
  • Finally, give the CTA to either visit your SILO Funnel landing page to "apply" OR have them send you/your page a direct message because after all what we're after is to have a conversation with actual people that might be interested in what you can do for them.
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              Matt (00:00):

              Okay, let's talk about your silo ad. Now that you have it all set up, you have your pieces in place and everything's ready to go. You know what your offers are. It's time to start driving traffic to your landing page. Now there's a couple different ways that you can do this. Um, what we're trying to get after here is conversations, right? We don't necessarily need to drive traffic to that page. Um, but that's definitely one of the strategies. The other one is just send us a message in messenger, right? We don't need a messenger bot. We don't need to automate it. We need to have a conversation. Okay. So the fastest, easiest way to do that is either through that application process that we already set up or to have them send you a message. So we've, we, we are currently testing both. We are currently having success with both.

              Matt (00:44):

              So I recommend that you do the exact same. So let's take a look at and break down this power, um, this, um, power offer that we're going to use, uh, for your silo ad. Okay. First and foremost, your targeting obviously is going to identify the target audience. So if you want to, you can still put its hoppier like attention course creators, uh, or whatever it is, whoever you're targeting. Um, and you start off by asking a couple of questions. Do you have a skill set you want to monetize? Do you want to create an online course to generate revenue while you sleep? Do you want to create a webinar for, for you? Okay. These are your opening queues, your questions. Okay. Um, then you transition to a question as in what if I do this for you, right? This transitions to your done for you offer, right?

              Matt (01:31):

              This is what we're starting with. The top of our silo funnel. What if I offered to build your entire webinar, your offer your PowerPoint, your funnel, it even create your course for you and okay. This is what, what your DFI or DFY offer is. And this is, uh, more details. And when, and have it back to you a week with a game plan, so you can generate six figures in the next six months. So you stop procrastinating and build the life you deserve. Okay. Again, next question. Critical. Would you be interested? And this is a little bit of qualifying. Okay. Qualify yourself. Not them. Qualify yourself. After numerous six figure products and a hundred plus webinars over the last seven years, I've cracked the code and architected the perfect pink by numbers, blueprint for high converting webinars, selling powerful training courses. My highest converting webinar today converted the 42% industry average for good webinars, 15%.

              Matt (02:30):

              My highest single grossing webinar produced 120,005 days and went on to do over 400,000 for months. Now you can use my formula to monetize your skills. Okay. This is the basic structure and take this exact ad and modify it. However you need to do, use it for your intents and purposes. Okay? This part is super critical. Be certain that you let them know it's not cheap. You don't want people saying, yeah, I'm on a webinar thinking that they're going to come in and get, you know, something built for them for 500 bucks. We do not want to waste our time. Okay? It's not cheap. This is super critical. We're weeding people out, okay. And we're letting them know like we are selling. This is going to be a high ticket because it's worth it. But I guarantee it pays for itself within 30 days. And this is my favorite, um, money back guarantee.

              Matt (03:24):

              I'll buy a bag for you. I never ever say we'll refund your money, fund your money. You know why? Because I'm not a bank. I'm not holding their money to see if they liked my product. Right. Um, it's a, it's called a value exchange, right? It's it's the law of fair trade. And so when they, when I give them the value, when I give them the course or I give them the done for you funnel, what I receive in return is fair trade. And therefore it's their course, their funnel and my money. This is not their money. I'm not holding it for them. So I hate that, that phrasing that, uh, we'll refund your money or return your money. I always like to say, if I can, if it makes sense, I'll buy it back from you because you know what, if I take the time to build out a webinar and build out an entire webinar for somebody and no matter what the niche is or whatever their industry or businesses, I can take that same exact funnel.

              Matt (04:24):

              And then next time I sell to somebody in that niche, I'll just use the exact same thing. So I literally will buy it back for you. It's going to save me the time to do it next time. Okay. Then obviously our call to action, right? Interested, apply here again. It's super critical that we're talking about apply so that they know this is not for everyone. It's going to be a lot of money. It's not cheap and that's why they have to apply. So this is what's, what's great about this. You're not going to have to deal with hundreds of leads, right. To follow up with and to sort through, you're going to get high quality leads here. People that you want to have conversations with that are doing big things, right? And so you send it to like another call to action could be, you know, uh, send us a message.

              Matt (05:07):

              Okay. So then we're not even putting in the link into that and send them to that thing. We, we ultimately might. It depends. So what we do is if we don't do this call to action, it's either this here apply or what we do is we say, send a message, right? And so while we're having that conversation, if we already get the questions that we need answered back, and we think that they're highly, highly motivated and ready to rock and roll, we'll just have them say to a cold, drop our link and say, schedule a call right now. If we think that the, we don't really like the questions, we're not getting a clear indication of how qualified these people are. We'll say, look here, just go here, fill out your application. And then, uh, we'll book a call, okay. Because if they don't do this, if they're not willing to go, you know, opt in, watch the video, fill out the application and schedule a call. They're not all that interested anyways. So I'm not going to waste my time if they're not going to invest theirs. Okay. Super critical. This is the structure. Uh, take the exact same components, modify it for your particular, you know, silo funnel. And, uh, there you have it.

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