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SILO Funnel Method Course

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Video 06: SILO Funnel Pages

  • Your first page in your SILO Funnel will be your Landing Page (LP).  This should consist of a powerful headline, short video, call-to-action (CTA), and a form with Name/Email ONLY.  You can see mine HERE: https://grtcllng.com/waas
  • The following page should be your full application page with Name/Email already embedded in the form to increase completions.  Be sure to ask enough questions to adequately "qualify" your prospects, but not TOO many which might seem intrusive or turn your prospects off.
  • Following your application page, upon submission your prospect should land on your calendar page or have a way to book their initial call with you.
  • After a call is booked, depending on what service you're using (we use Calendly), the form should reload itself with a confirmation message OR you can redirect to a custom URL to add another message or video telling your prospect what to do/expect next.
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              Matt (00:00):

              Okay, let's talk about your silo pages, all the pieces of the puzzle. And I showed you a couple of them in the previous video, but I'm gonna talk a little bit more in detail. So essentially for your single silo funnel, you're going to need a landing page. This is where you're going to send all traffic, right? Traffic, Frederick traffic. Okay. All your traffic is going to come to your landing page. Then from your landing page, you're going to have your full app. And then from your app, you're going to have a schedule, uh, some type of scheduling app or embedded form. And then you can have a confirmation and you don't, it's not necessary. My end rate is terrible, but there you go. Uh, and then you're also going to need an additional page is going to be the checkout for your course. Okay. This is what you'll send people once you're on these calls, if they don't take you up on the first offer, the second offer, um, and they're just going to buy your course.

              Matt (01:06):

              Okay. You might already have this, if you already have your course created. So you may not need to obviously create this page again, but you're going to need to consider, um, how you're going to host your course, if you haven't already put it together and you know what a platform you're going to use. Okay. So you may or may not need to create this page because depending if you're using you dummy or something like that, they're going to create the page for you. Okay? So let's get into your, your pages. Here's our landing page. And I don't think it needs to be any more complicated than this. And that's the beauty of this. We don't need a long sales page where we have to consider ADA, you know, the attention, interest, desire, and action, right? We don't need to worry about building out these long form sales pages and, and, um, having graphics and bullets and everything that could ever want.

              Matt (01:55):

              Okay, this is the power of this particular method. We've already created an ad, our silo ad, and it specifically calls out who our target audiences. And we drive that traffic here to this page. Okay, now this is mobile friendly. It's very simple. It's all, um, optimized. And we just have a progress bar at the top, which I think is important to let, um, you know, the prospect know where they're at and how much time this is going to take to complete. We have a, a piece of the application in the background, and this is just an image blurred out. Okay. So normally I just closed the, uh, this popup, but it, it pops up automatically upon entering this page. And so this is all I think that you need here is just, um, it should continue on the ad that we're going to talk about in another video.

              Matt (02:48):

              Uh, but it should specifically speak to a particular benefit. Okay. It should be strong, compelling benefit, driven, concise, and speak to your target audience. Okay. It's very, very concise. Now follow that up with a quick video, just get on camera or do a screen share if that's, you know, what you need to do and explain what it is, why do they need to apply? Why should they apply with you? What are they going to get? Okay. Here's, here's the problem outlined. Here's the problem? You know, I know, you know, if you're wanting to create a webinar, it's hard, it's complicated. You may not know where to start. Um, you're not sure how to create your presentation. You're not sure how to write the email sequences or you know, how to even structure it for high conversions. Okay. So we outlined the problems and we say, well, what if I did it for you?

              Matt (03:38):

              Here's what we're going to do. Here's what we'll deliver for you. And here's how long it's going to take us. If you're interested of putting your name and email and, uh, submit your application now, or start your application. Okay. Now, when you, when they put their first name in an email and immediately they're going on to a list in our autoresponder, which again, we use active campaign. This is going to go onto an, um, a abandoned cart sequence immediately. Now we don't start sending them any emails, because we don't know if it's going to actually be an abandoned cart, or if they're going to go ahead and complete their application. But until they do complete that application, they go on an abandoned cart. Okay. That way, if tomorrow we said, we wait one day, if tomorrow, they still haven't completed an application. We know that they thought about it.

              Matt (04:22):

              They were interested. We have their name and email, but they haven't completed their application. So we go to step two and this way we already have their name and email in the last video, it's going to be embedded right here, whatever they put on the first page is going to be embedded right here. In first Samuel email, we asked them all the questions, which we created all of these fields inside of our, our form, or if you're using any other kind of form builder, you can embed it here, uh, ask all the questions you need, make it enough so that, you know, you're actually, pre-qualifying people you don't want to waste your time getting on the phone or, or your closers time, uh, getting on the phone with people or just kicking tires, or kind of want to know more about what you're doing. Um, you really want to qualify people well enough to, uh, have a high close rate and make it worth your while on the phone.

              Matt (05:12):

              Now, you also don't want to ask so many questions that they're turned off by it, and it's a process. And you know, we're very careful and considerate about the information that we give online and to whom. So don't ask too many questions. That's gonna reduce your overall conversions on getting this application filled. Okay. So once they fill this out, submit application and go to schedule call, so we even showed them here, start application. So I've already done. This is where they're at. Cause it's highlighted complete application. Third schedule call it's real simple. One, two, three. Now once they submit that application, they'll be redirected to a page page that says, lets them know their application has been submitted. Uh, please schedule your initial phone consultation bloke either 90 of the way there. Okay. That's why we have this bar here. Again. This is just an embedded scheduling app. Okay. You can do this with Calendly. I know I've used that. Um, I can't remember what this is now. We switched to something recently, but you want to give them the opportunity to go ahead a call. Okay. Now

              Matt (06:14):

              Do they book this call and put in their time they put in their, you know, their email address and everything what's going to happen is this will just reload. If it's can only, it's just going to reload and say confirmed, you know, add to your calendar or you can set a custom URL, uh, for the confirmation page. Okay. Now we just have this really simple. Thanks for booking your call. We look forward to speaking to you a hundred percent completed image of me, uh, and tell them what to do next. Please check your email address for the call booking information. That's it it's real simple. Okay. This is a silo funnel that we use currently for, uh, our webinar architect offer. It works beautifully. We are seeking out people that are highly qualified for us building a webinar for them, which starts at $7,500 and up.

              Matt (07:01):

              And so we're spending our time with people that are going to deserve what we're offering, right? And again, if they're, if they can't afford the 7,500, we back it down to the done with you where they get our course and we give them a month of consultation. And then again, if they can't afford that at 4,000, then we offer just the course alone. Okay. It's real simple. All those offers are made on the same phone call and it gives you the, the most bang for your buck. It's a very simple, you notice there's an it's so uncomplicated now for our course, we don't even need a web, a sales funnel that an additional sales funnel, we don't need an additional sales page. So you can add that. And later on, we'll talk about phase two of this and that's adding a webinar to your offer because that'll help, uh, bring in, um, you know, revenue. And it's another way to make money with the same offers you already have. Uh, but for this, this is it. These are the five pages that you need and, um, don't try to complicate it, keep it simple. Do what we've done because we've proven this works.

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