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Webinar Architect Course > Module 01: Creating Your Offer

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Video 03: Determine Your Offer

  • Determine Your Offer (Product + Extras).  One you figure out your product you can move on to determining your webinar offer.  This should be your product PLUS any extras you can provide that make the product better than if they just came to your website and bought it without your involvement.  Remember, we’re changing the selling environment for a reason.  Be careful not to offer too much of your TIME.  Time is the most valuable you thing you have and should be reserved for your one-on-one coaching students or highest level clients.
  • Determine Your Webinar Bonuses and Corresponding Values.  The best bonuses are those that solve problems and/or overcome existing objections in your prospects mind.  This is where your research will be very valuable.
  • Determine Your Total Value and Webinar-Only Price Point/Package. Because we have changed the selling environment, you can now spend more time with your prospect to achieve quickly achieve know, like, and trust (KLT), directly answer objections, and demonstrate your value, so therefore you can charge more.  Set your webinar offer price point to a minimum of $497.  Once you proof this price point converts, considering adding more and charging 2 payments of the same.  Conversions might drop slightly but you’ll make significantly more money.
  • How will you make it irresistible?  If you properly stack the value of your training and bonuses, and your bonuses solve existing problems and/or objections, you can then make your price point and offer a fraction of the “total value” so the offer is perceived as too good to pass up.
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                              LESSON TRANSCRIPT

                              Okay, let's determine your offer. Once you have your product figured out, now your product is one thing, but your offer is another thing. So we have your video training course, right? With all your videos in here. This is your product, your step-by-step video one, two, three that's your product itself. Okay? In order to get to your offer that you're going to sell on the webinar, you have to take your product and you have to add some type of bonuses or some type of extras. So we'll do extras like some a, a mind map, a quick start guides anything that you can add to sweeten the deal and increase the value of this so your product can stand alone. You could sell this on your website at a higher price point. In fact, it's actually helpful. When we used to sell Funnel Buildr, we had it on there for the one time payment was $997 and so on a webinar when we could sell that for seven 97 that made the real world value a savings of $200 I mean, you could go to the website, you can go buy it right now and you can buy the product and you can get in, right?

                              But if you buy it on the, on the webinar, not only are you going to save some money, save $200 but we're also going to include these bonuses, okay? This is what constitutes your offer. So it's your product plus any extras and bonuses. So one thing that you want to be very, very careful of is to include too much of your time, okay? Because if you think about your entire webinar sales funnel, or excuse me, in your, your entire product tree the lower ticket stuff that you sell up here at the top of your funnel, right, is not going to include any of your time. This might just be a PDF, might be some kind of action guide, some type of written material. Okay, these are going to have a lower price point maybe $37 or something like that, or $97.

                              But as you funnel them further into your product offerings and the value is going to go up, and so is the price, right? So the price is going to go up. And so is the value. And what you can do is the only thing that you have to go forward towards is your time, right? So they get more access to you. So if someone's gonna spend 5,000, 10,000, $25,000 with you, they're good. They're going to get more of your time, they're going to get more of you. So you give them more access, okay? As the purchase price goes up. So if you're selling this price over here at $497 or or maybe $997 for your webinar offer, the last thing you want to do is give them too much of your time because then you leave yourself nowhere to go. I mean where are you going to go from there when they're already getting your time?

                              I heard of one guy that was selling a webinar offer and he was offering lifetime coaching. It's insane to me that you would ever even consider doing something like this because where does it end? Right, for the rest of their life. What more could you possibly sell them? Like he has sold himself out of any future offerings. Okay. Now this isn't always the goal is to sell more and more shit at higher and higher prices but you know in order to help those that's the cream of the crop. The people that really want to get down and dirty with you and and have some one on one coaching. You only way you can afford to do this is if you, if you set your price really high cause otherwise people are just going to abuse it and you're going to be out of time for anything else in your life.

                              So you gotta be super careful not to include too much time. So at the most as far as my time goes in, including extras and bonuses, I will throw in like an extra deep dive call like next week I'll give you a week. Seven to 10 days is what I did for this course. Seven to 10 days go through the entire training. And then on this date in the future, we're going to do a live deep dive call. Okay, I'm going to jump on with you. I'm gonna answer all of your questions. Okay? That is it. There will be no more. And also same thing when it comes to a Facebook group. You gotta be careful about offering a group, a Facebook group to go along with your course because they will treat it like coaching. And they will expect that if you don't answer their questions in there, that you're being a dick and they're not getting their money's worth and it's going to lead to refunds.

                              So don't offer this, in my opinion, shouldn't offer the Facebook group as part of the offer. Now you can have one, but make it very clear, set expectations upfront that this is not part of the product or the offer and you're not entitled to use this as a platform to get free coaching. Okay? Now when it comes to your bonuses, the best types of bonuses are those that solve additional pain points. So if you look at some of the bonuses that I've included with webinar architect, it's around the things that people struggle with the most. So I made it super easy by creating a template for how you could structure your content and how you can get that content to flow naturally throughout the course of the webinar. And then also a PowerPoint. I created all of the slides. There's 50 slides in that bonus so that all you have to do is once you create that presentation from my blueprint, you can just copy and paste those into the slides and set up your entire webinar that way. So it made it super easy to solve those pain points. Same thing with the page templates. One of the pain points that I saw was, I don't know how to create the funnel, so when I can include some page templates and show you exactly how to create the funnel and make it easy, these make for really great bonuses because you know it's something they already want anyways.

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