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Webinar Architect Course > Module 02: Your Webinar Setup

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Video 04: Determine Your Stay-To-The-End Bonus

  • This step might not seem critically necessary but it has been proven to help increase show rate and the overall number of people who make it to see your pitch, depending on the perceived value of the bonus.
  • A mindmap of the training, a top ten list, a swipe file, etc. are all possible bonuses for the attendees who stay to the end.  I’ve found that a PDF download works really well for this, whatever the content.
  • You can later use your webinar bonus as a standalone lead magnet to generate leads or to use for your evergreen webinar.
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                                                  LESSON TRANSCRIPT


                                                  Okay. Now we have our hook. We have our three things. We've got our sales copy. The next thing we need is our stay to the end bonus, right? So you want to give away some type of bonus that if they not only register, they have to register, they have to attend and they have to stay to the end.  Okay?


                                                  So this, in order to get them to do all three of these things, this has to be of high enough perceived value in order to ethically bribe them to do so. Right? They may want to anyways because they're interested in the hook and the three things and what you're talking about on this webinar, this should sweeten the deal and also helps you increase not only your registrants, but the, the, the show rate. These are the number of people, uh, that actually register for your event, the percentage of those. Uh, so if you have, you know, 300 people register and you get, you know, only 75 people to attend, you divide, uh, 75 by 300, and that'll give you the percentage of your show rate in this case. That would be what, 25% right? So you have a 25% show rate and we want to get this up above that.


                                                  So anything between 30 and 40 would be really, really great. 25 is going to be fairly mediocre and fairly average for a lot of people. Um, and when you look and you see you have a 25% show rate, you know that you need to increase the level of desire and the effectiveness of your hook, your three things in your sales copy, right? So this has to be of high enough perceived value in what works really well for. These are some type of, think about what you would give away on a landing page. Lead magnet, right? You're not selling anything. All you're trying to do is say, you know, this is who it's for, this is what it is, this is what you'll benefit from it when you get it, opt in now and I'll send it to your email. So what would you use on that landing page as a lead magnet?


                                                  So that's what basically your state of the end bonus should be a mind map. Works great for this. Some type of top 10 list or some type of, usually a PDF download works really well. So let's go look at our examples here and this particular webinar that we're doing for this training. You can see here that I have a nice graphic and it's blurred out. So it also increases a desire to know what this is. It creates intrigue. Um, it's a mind map of the actual training, uh, breaking down everything that I'm going to cover in the training or everything I did cover in the training. Uh, so this is actually something that we will use on a landing page and give away as a lead magnet. So,


                                                  uh, this one here element, this is actually a fairly weak bonus. It doesn't even seem, yeah, really isn't distinguishable. This was something that I knew what it was, what he had. It was a PDF. It was a summary of what he was going to do the training on. And I kind of put this in here as a placeholder and I literally just forgot to come back and improve it. So you know, this should remind you that you don't need to get everything perfect because he actually had quite a decent show up rate. And uh, even though he botched the sale completely, he still ended up selling, I think it was eight at six 99. So even when you know, you screw up the, the close royally and get all nervous about selling, you'll still make money. So he ended up making over $5,000 with this one webinar and you know, like he's got a webinar he can run every month for, for the rest of however long he has his product.


                                                  But this would be somewhere that when we wanted to improve the conversions, the show up rate, the registrations, we would come back and revisit how can we make this more appealing and stronger. On my a webinar for funnel builder. We didn't even have a state of the ant bonus, but I discovered what that would be on the webinar just based on the feedback of what we're training on. So during this second myth, the targeting is difficult. So I, I talked about how to season your pixel, but also a 15 step blueprint for creating as many, you know, more custom audiences than you could ever possibly want. I think we ended up with 38 anyone can create 38 different custom audiences, which they could use to target every single time and will improve over time. And everybody wanted this. They were like, can you like, let me screenshot that or how can I get a copy of that part of the training? And so now I know that this blueprint would be the perfect say to the end bonus based on feedback. Okay. Is it super critical that you have one? We didn't have one here, but our, our hook and our three things was strong enough because this spoke to a very serious need and problem in the marketplace. So it filled that, uh, that problem. Uh, but we would absolutely add that here. Uh, if we were running this again, so think about what you can create and give away to increase your show rate for your webinar.

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