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Webinar Architect Course > Module 02: Your Webinar Setup

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Video 01: Create Your Hook

  • The hook is the MOST important part of this entire process because EVERYTHING revolves around it.  Once you figure out the hook, everything else is easy.
  • Your hook should specifically speak to your target audience, be as concise as possible, and speak to some type of benefit or desired outcome.
  • Write several different hooks until you find one that meets all three criteria above and rolls off the tongue smoothly.  Remember, you will use your hook as the webinar title and this will be show to your registerees when the reminder emails go out so a good hook will increase your show rate.
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                                          LESSON TRANSCRIPT


                                          Okay. Finally we get to talk about some of the fun and juicy stuff. Um, when it comes to creating your webinar. And I believe the hook, what we're about to talk about right now is one of the most important things because everything revolves around it. It comes and follows from the hook. And if you create a really good, uh, catchy hook for your webinar, that'll also be your webinar title and the headline for your landing page. It will remind people when they get those notification emails from Demio why they registered for your webinar in the first place. And so when you have something very weak as hell, so many posts on Facebook a couple of weeks ago asking about, you know, show rates, what they thought the show rate was going to be. And I said, based on that, um, the webinar title, which wasn't a hook at all, it was very obscure.


                                          Stay away from anything that's, you know, overly obscure, like how to explode your business. Nobody gives a shit how to explode your business because it doesn't have any tangible connection in your mind of what that means. Uh, specifically, that's why something like how to, uh, grow your business, uh, three X or four X, that's way different than explode your business or how to, um, build a six figure webinar that's responsible for 120,000, $274 in five days. The specificity of that makes it much more powerful and engaging. So stay away from kind of obscure terms and phrases because it's not going to do you any favors of. So really spend some time working on this hook and write several different hooks and see which one really stands out and grabs you. It should be as concise as possible, meaning as few words as you need, and it should speak specifically to your target audience. So we want to do a concise, so fewer words is better. It should specifically speak to your target audience or call out, um, your specific, uh, tardy prospect.


                                          And I'll show you a few examples of this in a minute and it should also contain some type of benefit or desirable outcome that they're looking for.


                                          Okay? Let me show you a couple examples of ones that I've used. So this is a, a product that I worked on for a client that had a Quranic Islam or um, Quranic Arabic, Quranic Arabic. So basically learning the Quran and the language of the Cron, um, for a lot of Muslims can be very confusing. I learned quite a bit about, uh, this whole world, which I had no idea of. But again, it really doesn't matter what the product is. All the, the, the hook and the, and the three things that we're going to talk about and the sales copy it all is the same because it's still is going to, we want to, you know, speak to those hardwired human desires. So his title is, his headline on his website was chronic Arabic made easy. No, that's not terrible. It's what it was, but it didn't quite grab, it didn't really, really grab you.


                                          So after spending about 30 40 minutes with him and asking him a ton of questions and getting to the root of his target audience and getting inside of the heads of them and understanding where they were coming from and what those three things were. If we're going to talk about in the next video, this is the headline that I came up with, what every Muslim should know about the Quran, and then went on to elaborate in the sales copy and we'll talk about that in the next video. But another one here is how to double your sales on Shopify. Remember, we want to speak to our specific target audience, right? So when I say Shopify in the, in the headline, in the title and the hook of the webinar, you know, it's for Shopify people, people that sell on Shopify. If you don't, you don't care about this headline and it doesn't speak to you and it shouldn't.


                                          So we want to eliminate some people from being interested in this. If they're not in the Shopify, we don't need to be speaking to them. Okay? And then again, the benefit, the benefit is doubling your sales on Shopify. That's significant for anyone, no matter where you are with your sales. It's obviously going in the right direction. Um, but it's, it's concise. I mean this is as few words as I could possibly come up with to say exactly what I wanted to say and speak to our target audience and notice that it doesn't actually have anything to do with the functionality or the specific, you know, benefits or features of the actual product itself, which was a software tool, which fumble butter is a, like the click funnels for Shopify, right? So it isn't, it isn't about, you know, how to add sales funnels to your store. And that's fine. We've used stuff like that and tested it. But as far as this webinar goes, we speak to the biggest possible benefit that we could provide with this product. So when you're coming up with your hook, spend a lot of time writing several different hooks and see which one rolls off the tongue is as short as possible, speaks to your target audience, and also make some type of promise to a certain end result or benefit.

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