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Webinar Architect Course > Module 02: Your Webinar Setup

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Video 02: Determine Your 3 Things

  • Your 3 things should address your ideal prospect’s 3 biggest obstacles, objections, or commonly held beliefs.  You can position your 3 things as [niche] “myths” or as “secrets.”
  • You will use your 3 things as your bullets on your webinar registration page and they will be the focus of your webinar training.  It would also then be a good idea to make your bonuses be related to these 3 things.
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                                          LESSON TRANSCRIPT


                                          Okay, now that you have the hook and title for your webinar, it's time to figure out what your three things are. Okay. So your three things should speak specifically to the pain points or to some misbeliefs or misconceptions that your that your target prospect might have about what it is you're trying to teach them. And this is where the research that you did in the last module in determining the pain points and what problems it solves really comes into play. Because again, when you get your hook and your three things down, the sales copy literally writes itself and all of your emails leading up to your webinar and all your replay emails, it makes it so much easier. So if you can really nail down your three things and your webinar hook, it'll make your job a lot easier. So spend a lot of time on these two things.


                                          So now that you have your hook, there's three things should, should naturally follow that hook and it gives you an opportunity to speak to those pain points that you discovered in your research. So let's look at those examples again that we talked about in the last video. So the, the one thing was what every Muslim should know about the crime. And normally what I'd like to do is take those three things and add it as like a sub headline. But I didn't think it was necessary here. This alone was, it spoke to our audience and that it created enough intrigue to make them want to know. Like, what am I missing out on? Um, so when I spoke to my client, Adam here about what it is that he felt was keeping people from learning the Koran and taking his course right, he had a $699 course on the Quran and he said, a lot of people are, are overwhelmed by how daunting the task of learning the chronic cause.


                                          There's so many words and it's so confusing and they don't think they have the time. Right? And so when you understand what those pain points are, that's what your, your webinar copy, your, your hook and your three things should speak to. So I found out and discovered this interesting fact from Adam that the Cron consist of, you know, this many words, but only 10 of those words can appear 25% of the time. Like really, you only need to learn a handful of words to get a better understanding of this language. So I thought that was fascinating. And so we wrote this, I wrote the sales copy around what these pain points were. So, um, you can see here in the bullets, this is where you'll also use your three things. It kind of speaks to the pain points that you know that they would want to solve.


                                          And if you can address these with your bullets, it's going to compel and make the urge that much more strong because you're kind of agitating that, that pain point and reminding them that this exists and it's something that when you do it forces them to want to go towards solution and solving this problem. So the better these things are, the better response you'll have, the higher the show rate and most likely the higher the overall conversions on your webinars. So if you look at these, uh, be able to eliminate 80% of the words causing you fear, I literally said it, I didn't beat around the Bush causing you fear that is holding you back. Uh, and here's another one that kind of combined two pain points, um, from keeping you from a deeper understanding and relationship with Allah, right? It's, it's all the same. Have the confidence knowing you too can learn and understand the Quran, be excited.


                                          Um, and then this final bullet, which I really love because again, we could replace Muslim with a lot of things. So be a better teacher to your children, leader of your household and Muslim and your community. It's all the same. It doesn't matter what the product is. You can take this same line and replace some of those key words in there and it will, it will speak to the hardwired desires of any, you know, person, other example is what I normally like to do is take my hook and whatever my three things are. So when I thought about why, what would keep people from running traffic and building a sales funnel on Shopify, um, what are, what are going to be some of the pain points? So, you know, I don't know what to sell. I don't know how to target on Facebook and I don't have a big budget, so I can't really run Facebook ads.


                                          So these are three of the biggest pain points I knew we'd have to overcome in order to get them onboard and make them believe that they too could do this. And so, uh, how did w your sales on Shopify and extension of that is our subhead that speaks to the three things. Even if you don't know what to sell, who to target. And without spending a fortune on Facebook ads, it's a little longer, but it speaks to all three things and it really rolls off the tongue quite well. And when I say this super fast on a webinar, it sounds really cool. So that worked really, really well for us. It's actually just a replay page, so I don't have the rest of the copy in front of me. But those bullets, uh, spoke to those three things. And that's exactly what your should do when you're thinking about your three things. So your hook is going to be your headline and the title for your webinar. Okay? This is going to be the big, big benefit that reminds people of why they even registered in the first place, who it's for and what they can expect. And then your three things can be your sub. Okay?


                                          Three things. These will be your three biggest objections and these will be the three bullets that we'll talk about in the sales copy, in your webinar training that you're actually going to cover, right? You're going to help them overcome these things. And not only the are these, um, you know, commonly held beliefs or misconceptions, they are the things that are holding your prospect back from buying your product. They don't believe that it's for them or they might believe that it will work for some people, but it just won't work for them. So that's why it's, it's super critical to get them to get inside their mind, understand what these three things are. Because once you do, you can help them overcome these objections. Well, once you can get them from this belief that says, I can't do this, um, I don't know what to sell.


                                          I don't know how to target. I don't know, um, how much money I can actually afford. When you can get them to overcome these, that it's actually quite easy to find products. It's actually easy to target. And I'll show you how, and it's actually not that expensive because you can just spend $5 a day if you don't have $5 a day, you shouldn't be in business, right? But once you can overcome those objections in their mind, then you start to increase the belief that they too can do that, that's going to get you closer to that sale.

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