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Webinar Architect Course > Module 02: Your Webinar Setup

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Video 13: Create Your Webinar Presentation

    • Create Your Presentation (PPT/Keynote):  If you have received my bonus PPT template, this part should be easy.  Just take your presentation blueprint you created earlier and fill out the slides accordingly.
    • If you do not have my template, remember this basic structure:
    • A.) Hook
    • B.) Story
    • C.) Bold Promise
    • D.) 3 Things
    • E.) Objections
    • F.) Transition Question
    • G.) Value Stack
    • H.) Closes
    • I.) FAQ + More Closes
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                                                                LESSON TRANSCRIPT


                                                                Okay, now it's time to create your PowerPoint presentation or keynote, whatever you use in. At this point it, it shouldn't be as daunting as it once seemed because you've already done all the hard work, right? You already know what your hook is and that's the title of your webinar. You already know what your three things are, which is going to be what your training revolves around. And you already have a loose idea of how to arrange your information and to present it on the webinar. And if you have my bonus PowerPoint template, it's going to be even easier. Again, resist the urge to try to make this look any fancier than it already is. It's, it's simple for a reason and it's plain, it's this makes it easier to create for one. And plus it's just unnecessary. All the extra work that you might add.


                                                                So any kind of animation that you might have in your PowerPoint, I always just use flying. It's the easiest thing. And I use the same for everything. And that way I don't have to think about it. If I spent a bunch of time trying to make it look fancy, it's going to take me twice as long to get this done. So let's just run through this very quickly and you have your title card, which I normally just do my picture, my name and any, whatever the logo is for the product and then resell and at the end, next frame is the title and the sub. Again, all white backgrounds, big black letters. The next is just I go right in to just tell him the story. I don't really say, okay, we're going to begin. We just start, start talking and start sharing these pictures because as you're talking in these pictures start showing up on the screen.


                                                                It's very engaging and they're kind of leaning in and listened to the story. And when you hear a story you want to hear, the end here would be watching a bad movie or a movie and you're just kind of committed. And even though you hate the movie, you want to turn it off, you still want to see how it ends, right? That's the power of a story. So tell a story with your pictures. I don't know how many pictures I have here. It's probably quite a lot. So good selection, pain. Yup. Probably two dozen pictures there. Now there's no secret sauce to how many. I just think the more that you can add and fill up this 10 to 15 minutes of story time, the better because it's, the screen is constantly changing. It gives people more to, you know, see and the more that you reveal about yourself and the more that you share, the more people have the ability to know you and see you as someone that's relatable.


                                                                You know, obviously increasing your KLT, you know, like in trust. So, and then try to wrap it up and tell, you know, have a point to it. Bold promise, stay to the end and then you just dig right into the training. Okay. And the three things tell about those things. One, two, three, right, skip all this three things cause you know, however you present that is, is up to you. But we're following this hook story, bold promise, three things. And then while you're delivering your story as well as your three things, you're also addressing any objections to obviously the main three are those three things. But you can address more and more as they come up and talk about how you once thought and how you think now because of your experience and what you learned and what, you know, how much money it costs you to experience this and learn this the hard way and how much time it took you to go through all of this and how you can save them the time of doing it all wrong and trial and error.


                                                                Then I'll add some case studies and proof of thrown a little disclaimer about results, not typical. And then I say, now after seeing all that, do you still think this, this and this? Look, I understand that, you know, you don't know what this, and you don't know about that. And you might think this way and you might think that way. But if I, and this is the transition, the transition question that leads to you talking about your product and starting to build the value. If I were to do this, if I were to show you this without you having to do this without you having to do that, and when you don't need this, you don't need that. Would you be interested and get a bunch of people in the chat box to say yes, yes, yes. Okay. Introducing product and then just go into talking about, you know, what's in each part of this product.


                                                                Typically you're going to have at least, you know, two or three modules or more. So talk about what are the main key benefits of these things and assign a value to them so that you can start stacking the value. Then I kind of pull back a little bit from the closing and I add pre closes. These are, you know, really we talk about time versus money and you know, expectations that I'm kind of taking, doing a little bit of takeaway selling that look, this isn't going to be easy. Even though I'm making it sound easy, it's not going to be, you know, a push button thing. So we're not, you know, setting unrealistic expectations. Who's this for? Who it's not for. And more testimonials. Tell them what they're getting, stacked the value. Add in your bonuses. C bonus. Restate the value bonus, restate, devalue, bonus, restate, divide, bonus.


                                                                Restate the value. So in Russell's training about webinars, he talked about doing this on stage where, you know, Armin Moran told him to to always do this and now he's sound, he, it seemed ridiculous or he sounded dumb. He felt like he sounded dumb when he didn't do it. It really hurt conversions. And so, you know, I, I get it. I've done the same thing with funnel builders. A webinar or just continuing to stack the value, but always lead to really high conversions. The lowest one we ever did was 15%. And that's after we ran it several times. The highest is 42%. So add value, add bonuses, stack the value, and then remind them that this was a special webinar only offer. And one of my favorite closes before is the, if all this did close, you know, if it, if it all it did was allow you to do this one thing, you want to try and get three yeses here.


                                                                So yes, yes, yes. Okay. Think about it. If I could just show you this, if I can just give you this one thing, you know, and it, and it made you 60,000 a year. I mean obviously if I were to give you a business that made you 60,000 a year, how much you paid for it right now, it's not unrealistic to pay 30 grand and have your money returned to you in six months and doubled and sit in in a year. Okay. Now you can see why this is a good deal. This is a, might seem cheesy, but it works. Start with the really high, I'm not going to sell it to you for 5,000. It's not half of that. And then make a ridiculous offer. So I'm sure a four 97 is as ridiculous as I can get on this, although I know I will be selling it at nine 97 and I certainly could sell this for two payments of four 97 and conversions won't really suffer.


                                                                So that's basically it. And you could have learned a lot of this just by watching and studying the, the webinar that I did and other people's webinars, which you know, I learned quite a bit just from watching other people and what they do, other successful sellers. And if you can, after you drop the price, if you can add another bonus, right, like an action takers bonus and make this your best bonus that you have to really sweeten the deal after they already know the price, they should really help conversions restate everything that they're getting. I add this PayPal you can pay with PayPal credit and this is unfortunately only for US-based customers. That's the limitation by PayPal, not us. And then a couple more closes. And the final slide is really my favorite. I took this concept from, from Russell and kind of improved it.


                                                                And made it my own that I use every single time. It's the exact same thing. And I just stack these questions on top of themselves so that they can appear and then disappear. And so restating the value, the link to sign up the price and a countdown timer, which is basically how long I will do a FAQ. So want to get people to get their questions in and spend about 30 minutes. If we have to go over, we will. But this also helps get people off the fence and know that the webinar's coming to an end.

                                                                MY NOTES

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