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Webinar Architect Course > Module 02: Your Webinar Setup

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Video 06: Create Your Webinar Funnel Pages

  • The four main pages you will need is your registration page, confirmation page, checkout page, and replay page.  It’s also a good idea to create a “expired” page that you can redirect your replay page to after it expires.
  • You can create all of these pages yourself or you can use Demio’s built-in pages for your reg page, confirmation page, and replay page.
  • Your signup/checkout page will be dictated by whatever platform you’re using for your shopping cart.  If you went the hosted route like on Teachable, you’ll use the built-in checkout page for your hosted course.  If you go with AccessAlly, like my setup, you’ll create the page and use the provided shortcode for embed your checkout form.
  • In any event, try to add some trust elements, testimonials, contact info for support, the name and description of your product, and any bonuses and total value of the offer.
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                                                      Okay, let's map out your webinar training. Now, for many people, this is a very scary part of this because they're not exactly sure how to structure the presentation, uh, to where they don't feel stupid or they don't, you know, look like they don't know what they're doing. The good thing is when you get this and you know, you have the formula, uh, particularly if you have my, uh, presentation blueprint where there's 31 steps on, you know, walking you through how to get from the very beginning of your webinar all the way to the close. It's going to give you a lot of confidence in delivering. And the last thing you want is somebody to be on the webinar or for you to be on the webinars, stuttering and totally unconfident and not knowing what to say, not knowing what's coming next. Um, when you have this down, it's going to make you a much more confident delivering this.


                                                      So let's talk about the general formula and what we're trying to accomplish during each section of this webinar. So we're going to start off with our, um, our hook, right? The hook should be the entire premise of the webinar and it will also be your bold promise. So you want to focus on solving some type of problem or offering to take, again, like I mentioned earlier, taking them from not a to Z, not ADB, but somewhere around a tee or more where you're going to help them get from where they are right now and skip a few steps to get to a more desirable, uh, state. So that's number one is let's restate the title of the webinar. You're in the right place if you're here to learn how to double your sales on Shopify. Okay. Number two, this is a huge part of starting the webinar.


                                                      A lot of time it's, I don't know how to really like start, do I just say, okay, we're starting now. No, actually don't say that. You just start talking, start telling a story. Russell Brunson does this very well. And uh, I took some of his training years ago about, um, you know, creating high converting webinars and one thing that he does, but he never actually teaches is this for the next, for the first 10 to 15 minutes of the webinar. And I'm not exaggerating, it's literally sometimes 10, maybe 15 minutes where he is just talking, he's telling a story and you don't even realize the webinars already started. And it's very, very intentional. What he does when he tells a story is he's seating in certain factors that are getting you comfortable. He's increasing his know, like, and trust. And he's establishing his authority and expertise, basically telling you how he's got to where he is, why he's qualified to be the one telling you, um, what he's learned along the way, how long it's taken him, how he went wrong.


                                                      Um, and so he's qualifying himself as an expert and authority and giving you more and more reasons why you should listen and, and so you know that he can actually help you get to this point because that's where the trust comes in. It's not about do I trust this person as a business person or is he lying to me? I want to trust that he can actually be the person that can take me from point a to point E or more. So telling stories is very, very critical. And then once we tell our story, we're going to restate the bold promise, which is again, basically the title of your webinar. Okay? This is what you'll get in exchange for your time, which I know is very viable. Uh, by the end of this webinar, if you, you know, if you learn nothing else, you're going to at least know how to do X, Y, and Z.


                                                      Okay? And then you're going to deliver your three things you should do. You already know what they are. You don't have to write, you know, new stuff. You should already figured this stuff out already. You know what your three bullet points are. These are going to be the three objections. And again, anytime you can share stories about how you thought it used to be, um, too, instead of just giving step by step how to training, it's going to stick more and it's going to increase confidence and help them believe that they can do this. So your, your training is going to be the overcome objections part.


                                                      And then the transition from all of this, all the beginning, all of the training is going to be an ask a question. This is your transition to the close. Uh, and you should be probably at least 30 to 45 minutes in, uh, to your training at this part. If you actually told your story for 10 or 15 minutes, you transitioned to the bold promise and then you went into the training and overcome the objections. Um, let me ask the question. If I were to show you how you can do this, this, and that, right? Which should again speak to the, the bold promise and the three objections. Would you be interested introducing your product, right? And then you talk a little bit about your product, what it is, why it's valuable, and you start stacking the value. Like this is what makes us so valuable.


                                                      And then you're also going to get these bonuses that also makes it a lot more valuable and you're going to just add it up, add up the value, add up the value over and over again. Stack the value until they feel like this is something so incredible that they're nervous to hear the price. If you can get them to the point where like, Oh my gosh, this is going to be like $2,000 I hope it's not. Um, I want this so bad. They're nervous to hear the price. And then when you make it a ridiculous offer where they feel the value is so overwhelming, they'll pull the trigger. Okay, if you can stack the value properly and make it ridiculous, that's when you'll get the sale. Nobody likes to trade a dollar for a dollars worth of merchandise. We like to spend our money on stuff where we feel we're getting a deal. We're, we're, we've hold our value, the value of our dollar higher than what we're getting, and when we can exchange something of greater value for our money, we'll buy it. Okay? So this is what you're trying to accomplish. And this is the general, uh, objective of the entire selling webinar. And again, if you have my 31 point, um, blueprint, just follow that to a T. and it's, it's very simple. Uh, when you do this every single time, it's a formula that is proven to work.

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