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Webinar Architect Course > Module 01: Creating Your Offer

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Video 04: How Will You Deliver Your Product ?

  • My setup: I am currently using my own self-hosted WordPress site with OptimizePress as my page builder and AccessAlly as my course delivery system, shopping cart, LMS, secured content system to protect member’s only content, AND my affiliate system.  It’s a little on the pricier side at $129/mo but it combines many of the things you want anything for creating and selling courses.
  • You can go 1 of 3 ways: self-hosted, hosted, and marketplace.  I do not recommend a marketplace option (like Udemy) for your webinar product.
  • Hosted solutions like "Teachable" might be quicker to set up but may limit your control and cost additional fees.
  • Self-hosted solutions might take longer to set up and require some technical ability (or outsourcing) but give you the most about of control and flexibility.
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                            Okay, let's talk about delivering your product and how you're going to set that up. Um, this is really gonna, you know, getting this right, determining what, which way you're going to go on. This will dictate a lot of things including, um, your shopping cart solution, how you secure your content. Um, your LMS, which is a, uh, a learning system which is really, uh, critical these days to separate yourself and distinguish your product as something that has high quality. It's really important to consider your LMS. I'm going to show you what I use. And so in my opinion, there's, there's three ways that you can go about delivering your product. One, you can go self-hosted,


                            and you can also go with a marketplace like you to meet. And let's talk about that for a second. Um, I've never sold on you to me and I looked into the pros and cons and pretty much found all I needed to know with this one article and it said the, the pros were effortless traffic, which is debatable. And I'm going to show you why I say that. SEO rankings, which basically means the exact same thing. Uh, adaptable core structure and the reality, a passive income to me, the downsides are significant and make it not worthwhile. Most importantly, no access to your email addresses of your students, which means if you put a course on you, to me, you have to go out of your way to try to get your customers who are consuming your content on you to me to go somewhere else and put in her email address.


                            So you know, go to this page in order to get the bonus content or, or some kind of downloads to go along with this course, go to this page and her email address and I'll send it to you in your inbox. You know, that's a lot of extra work. What percentage of those people are going to convert to actually go put in their email? I don't know. Uh, but you run the risk of losing some emails and so, um, it says that, you know, also the competition is positioned directly beside you. That's true. Although that's not necessarily a big drawback. I mean, there's 5 million sellers on Amazon and obviously there's tons of competition there, but that doesn't mean that, um, you can't have success with it. Limited stylistic control of course, and you didn't me takes a commission. And the pricing is something that I also don't agree with because the maximum that you can sell a course on you to me is one 99.


                            Okay. This is the highest. You're not allowed to sell for more than that, which is ridiculous. And if you participate in their, um, whatever they call this program where they're allowed to just discount it, you'll see, you know, $200 courses marked down to 11 bucks and sure you'll get a lot of people buying that. But I would never put a webinar product on you. To me, I would put a lower, uh, kind of a beginner's guide type of course on here that I wouldn't mind selling for 11 to $200. Uh, just to gain exposure and, and to get a little more eyeballs on my course. But I would never recommend putting a $500 plus course on here, uh, in allowing you to me to Mark this down to $11. So in my opinion, um, the marketplace thing is out for your webinar product, although you could use this, um, you know, to your advantage later, but I just don't think it's where you want to start.


                            So then we have either self hosted or hosted. So let's talk about the, the hosted variety, which is going to be something like teachable. And this seems like a really nice option if you're not very, uh, technical and don't like creating pages and building out members areas. This kind of does all that for you. Of course there's, you know, it gives you everything you need. There's going to be possible transaction fees to go along with this. Um, and it costs money, although the, the self hosted solution is going to cost money as well. Okay. So this would be something teachable or something similar that allows you to build out your members area, host your content. Uh, but they don't have a marketplace as far as I can tell. So that's one way to go. Uh, the way that I have set up my members area, which I really like is something I just discovered recently was access ally.




                            And it's, it's just ridiculous how much it gives you. I mean, the things that you have to consider when you're doing self hosted is everything that this has. So let me just go into the pricing because it talks about it right here. You want to, even if you build out all your pages and let, let Demio have your landing page, you know, for your registration, your thank you page and then your replay page so that you don't have to build out any of those pages yourself. You're still gonna need a shopping cart, right? You still need a page to send people to from the live webinar. And that's going to be your checkout page. So this is where, you know, putting some consideration and some thought into this step is crucial because it's going to determine where you send those people with access ally, you do it on your own website, you have your own shopping cart, which you can customize the page.


                            So the page that you went to from the webinar, you could see that was an access ally page that I customize. So that's great. It also gives you an affiliate program. This is something that you may not consider if you haven't done this before. It's like crap, I need an affiliate program so that I cannot people to promote my product later on. Other webinars, um, the membership site platform and then the learning management system is really critical. I love the way that it allows me to deliver the content because it's more engaging. It allows for more consumption and, and has a higher rate of completion for the students that do take the course. And so you think about all the stuff that you might have to pay individually for all of this and at one 29 a month for the monthly. Yeah, I think it's well worth it.


                            The one complaint I do have about this is that only gives you access to one site. You know, normally with something like optimize press, such as what I used to build out all my pages, you know, with one price I'll get 30 licenses. So I can install it on every single page that I use, every website and this you only get it on one. The other thing is it's, it's pretty technical. So if you do not like to go through video tutorials in a knowledge base and figure out all this stuff, this is going to be a really complicated option. There's everything you need. And I'm very technical. I like building out this stuff. I don't mind going through the video tutorials, but it is more on the technical side. And even me having built numerous websites, members areas and different types of tech stacks, uh, I still had to submit a couple of tickets to get things worked out because they didn't work after following the video tutorials to a T, they just did not work, uh, correctly for me.


                            So, uh, I like the, I've always liked it, the self hosted, uh, routes. But if you don't go with something and you want to go hosted, go with something like teachable. Um, for me, I really love access ally. So, uh, there you go. Um, put some thought into how you're going to deliver your system, but make sure that you have something for your shopping cart, your delivery system, your await to secure your members' area and an affiliate system. That all has to be considered. So these are probably the top two options. Uh, also something, maybe like Thinkific or, you know, Kajabi, other, other types of platforms, click funnels. Of course, you could build out a members area as well. Um, if you also need to build your pages.

                            MY NOTES

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